Just-in-Time Adaptive Interventions with Susan Murphy


Statistician Susan Murphy of the University of Michigan explains some of the tools used for creating the interventions used in mobile health (mHealth) in a trio of videos released by the Methodology Center of Pennsylvania State University.

Many mHealth applications use interventions that are delivered by a smartphone or other mobile device. In the first video, Murphy explains just-in-time adaptive interventions (JITAI), which are delivered as needed via a mobile device. The second video explains the microrandomized trial, which is a trial design used for building JITAIs, and in the third video, Murphy talks about data analysis used in the development of a JITAI. 

Murphy is  H.E. Robbins Distinguished University Professor of Statistics, Professor of Psychiatry and Research Professor, Institute for Social Research, University of Michigan. She directs the Statistical Reinforcement Learning Lab at the University of Michigan. She is an investigator at the Methodology Center at Penn State and also with the MD2K Center of Excellence for Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge.

The other two videos are linked below: 

Introducton to Micro-Randomized Trials

Data Analysis to Inform the Development of a JITAI