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mHealth Institute Lectures

More than 20 faculty presented classes at the 2015 mHealth Training Institute, funded by the National Institutes of Health and held August 24-28 at the University of California, Los Angeles. Thirty-five invited scholars participated in the week-long mHTI, which was designed to provide a diverse group of researchers with a core educational grounding in mHealth perspectives and methodologies. 

Videos from the mHTI are archived here. 

Dr. Wendy Nilsen: Overview and Goals of the mHealth Training Institute

Dr. Vivek Shetty: mHealth Needs of Health Care Systems


Dr. Scott Klemmer: Human-Computer Interaction and Usability

Dr. Steven Steinhubl: Developing Health Sensor Technologies for Real-World Applications

Dr. James M. Rehg: Computer Vision Methods for Assessing Behavior

Dr. Aydogan Ozcan: Developing Sensor Technologies for Low Resource Settings

Dr. Shri Narayanan: Machine Learning Approaches in mHealth

Blake Tye: Designing for Scale in Resource Scarce Settings

Dr. Mani Srivastava: Secure Collection of Sensitive mHealth Data

Dr. Tiffany Cvrkel: Ethics in the Mobile Era — Tracking Privacy and Data Concerns

Carole Goldberg: Getting Recognition for Interdisciplinary Scholarship