MD2K Student Reading Group

The MD2K Student Reading Group has been established to assist young researchers with their experience in multidisciplinary collaboration. Student researchers at the Center of Excellence for Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge reguarly hold conference calls to discuss research of interest. The topics and papers discussed in these calls are listed below.


May 2016

Topic: mCrave: Continuous Estimation of Craving During Smoking Cessation

Presenter: Soujanya Chatterjee

Link: N/A, paper is under review


April 2016

Topic: Finding Significant Stress Episodes in a Discontinuous Time Series of Rapidly Varying Mobile Sensor Data

Presenter: Hillol Sarker



Topic: Portraying Algorithms (to others): Visualizing Algorithms, Topic Modeling for Humanists, The Aesthetic and Industrial Defense of The Algorithm

Presenter: Peter Polack



March 2016

Topic: Continuous-Time Hidden Markov Models for Event Data

Presenter: Alexander Moreno