NYU seeks candidates with background in statistical machine learning, data mining

New York University is accepting applications for Ph.D. and postdoctoral research positions in the Chunara Lab, a research group focused on developing methods to use unstructured data, like that collected by mobile phones or social media, to better understand population-level health. The lab is headed by Dr. Rumi Chunara, an assistant professor of computer science and engineering at NYU.

*Our group's work has impact on critical societal issues that also demand development of novel statistical and computational methodologies," Chunara said. *Our focus is on personally-generated data (e.g. mobile-collected, social media), which offer new opportunities in public health."

The Chunara Lab is part of the Visualization and Data Analytics Research Center (VIDA) at NYU, which brings together computer scientists and domain experts to use advances in computing to solve problems of critical societal importance.  It also works with researchers, companies and practitioners around the world, and currently has active collaborations in New York City, Nigeria, Singapore, Pakistan, the United Kingdom and with groups at Columbia, the University of Waterloo, and NYU.

Candidates should be experienced in statistical machine learning and/or data mining. Postdoctoral candidates should have a Ph.D. in bioinformatics, biostatistics, computer science or a related field and papers in top venues. Candidates should also be interested in working with biological data such as genomic sequence, syndromic surveillance or physiological data. 

Successful candidates will be supported and encouraged to generate high impact publications, gain experience in supervising students and in grant writing if interested.

Applications should be submitted at http://engineering.nyu.edu/academics/programs/computer-science-phd. Candidates may also send Chunara their CV and any questions at rumi.chunara@nyu.edu.