WearSys seeks papers, posters/demos

The 3rd ACM Workshop on Wearable Systems and Applications (WearSys), held June 19 in conjunction with the ACM International Conference on Mobile Systems, Applications and Services (MobiSys2017) has issued a call for submissions for papers or posters/demos.

WearSys is focused on wearable technologies that can shape mobile computing, systems and applications research. WearSys will provide a venue for presenting current research and technology trends, and debating future research agendas of wearable technology. It will provide a forum for discussing innovative and/or ideas that have potential for significant impact. WearSys is soliciting papers of six or fewer pages that present preliminary research in prototyping a wearable system, experience in designing a novel wearable technology, or survey of useful tools for designing inter-disciplinary wearable systems and applications. The worshop encourages position papers that propose new directions for research or advocate disruptive design ideas and project applications. Also encouraged are submissions that can help bootstrap exploration of the wearable design space by the broader mobile systems community. The deadline for submissions is March 21.

The focus areas include, but not limited to:

  • Smart Glass, wearable imaging, projection and low-power displays
  • Wearable fashion (Smart watch, wristbands, amulets, body suits)
  • Capacitive sensing and On-body communication
  • Wearable health and fitness activity tracking
  • Ubiquitous Input devices
  • Novel energy management solutions (e.g. swappable batteries, solar harvesting)
  • Context sensitive notification delivery
  • Wearable biometrics for payment and authentication
  • Haptics and cognitive prosthetics
  • Body energy harnessing
  • Brain-interfaces Electromyography (EMG) interfaces
  • Wearable fashion (e.g. smart jackets, body suits, amulets)
  • Novel combinations of 3D printing and Wearables (e.g. integration with custom 3D printed sensors/encl.)
  • Wearable infrastructure and toolkits (hardware/software, custom/open source)

Keynote speaker will be Santosh Kumar, Ph.D., Moss Chair of Excellence Professor of Computer Science at the University of Memphis and Director of the MD2K Center of Excellence for Mobile Sensor Data-to-Knowledge.  

MobiSys and WearSys are being held in Niagara Falls, NY. Workshop co-chairs are Ashwin Ashok (Georgia State University) at aashok(at)gsu.edu and Mi Zhang (Michigan State University) at mizhang(at)egr.msu.edu. The workshop website is http://mobile.ece.msu.edu/acm-wearsys-2017/.