mHealth Research Posters

This is a list of the posters presented at the 2018 mHealth Technology Showcase. Links are provided for those posters for which an image is available.

Usability of Informed Consent mHealth Tool
Fuad Abujarad, Yale School of Medicine | Poster

Increase Testing System (ITS) to Facilitate HIV/HCV Testing and Overdose Prevention
Ian Aronson, Digital Health Empowerment

Johns Hopkins University-Institute of Public Health Mobile Health for Child Injury Prevention in Malaysia (JHU-IKU M-CHILD)
Abdulgafoor Bachani Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Mobile Sensing and Analytics for Mental Health
Laura Barnes, University of Virginia

FOCUS, an mHealth App for People with Serious Mental Illness (SMI)
Rachel Brian, University of Washington | Poster

A Sociotechnical Systems Approach to Improve Tuberculosis (TB) Diagnostics in Peru: Could a mHealth systems approach work?
Maria Brunette, University of Massachusetts Lowell | Poster

NeoInnovate: Integration of mHealth and wearable biomedical device technologies to reduce neonatal morbidity and mortality
 Sherri Bucher, Indiana University School of Medicine | Poster

THRIVE: A digital therapeutic for improvement of treatment outcomes in schizophrenia
Tim Campellone, Pear Therapeutics

Information and communication technology to promote safety and independence
Kevin Caves, LeighAnne Davis, Duke University | Poster

mHealth Visual Discovery Dashboard
Polo Chau, Georgia Tech | Poster

Hongmei Chi, Florida A&M University

John Clochesy, University of South Florida

Effect of real-time monitoring and notification of smoking episodes on smoking reduction: a pilot study of a novel smoking cessation app
Ruvan Dar, Tel Aviv University | Poster

Automated Anthropometric Measurements for Neonates and Children Through the Use of Smart Phone Machine Vision
Richard Fletcher, MIT D-Lab, Mobile Technology Group

Design and Development of a Digital Decision Support Tool to Enhance Decisional Capacity for Clinical Trial Consent
Robert Furberg RTI International

Ultra-Convenient Cardiovascular Monitoring with Heartbeat-Induced Body Motions
Jin-Oh Hahn, University of Maryland | Poster

AppRISE: A scalable digital assessment for early literacy and cognition
Roeland Hancock, University of Connecticut | Poster

Project Orchid mHealth Platform: Supporting Clinical Innovation and Health Disparity Research
Kimberly Harding, Monarch Innovation Partners, Inc. | Poster

Your Health Speaks: Vocal Biomarkers and The Future of Voice Health Measurements
James Harper, Sonde Health

Development of a Wearable Particulate Matter Sensor for Pediatric Asthma Research
Chris Hennigan, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

MyT1DHero: A Mobile App for Adolescents with Type 1 Diabetes and their Parents
Bree Holtz, Michigan State University | Poster

kHealth Digital Personalized Healthcare Technology for Pediatric Asthma
Utkarshani Jaimini, Kno.e.sis Center at Wright State University | Poster

Mobile-Phone Incentives for Childhood Immunizations in Rural India
Sanjay Jain, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Advancing Research, Practice, and Innovation in VA Mental Health: An Overview of the NCPTSD Mobile Mental Health Program
Beth Jaworski, Jason Owen, National Center for PTSD

The Collaborative Aging Research Using Technology (CART) Initiative
Jeffrey Kaye, Oregon Center for Aging & Technology

iCardia: A mobile health platform for remote collection of patient-generated data and delivery of behavior change interventions using smartphone technologies and connected health devices
Spyros Kitsiou, University of Illinois at Chicago

Wearable device for paCO2 monitoring
Yordan Kostov, University of Maryland, Baltimore County

Use of Wellness Apps in Deaf American Sign Language Users to Improve Calorie Intake Differ Across Education
Poorna Kushalnagar, Raja Kushalnagar Gallaudet University

Cloud-connected Portable and Wearable Air Pollution Sensors for Pediatric Asthma Research
Zhenyu Li, George Washington University

Assisting Students with Intellectual Disabilities in Inclusive Education with a Smartwatch Application,
Vivian G. Motti, George Mason University

Smartphone-Based Blood Pressure Monitoring via the Oscillometric Finger Pressing Method
Ramakrishna Mukkamala, Michigan State University

Somatix Empowering Positive Health Transformations
Eran Ofir, Somatix | Poster

From Design to Validation of Measurements: the full lifecycle for an mHealth research study
Larsson Omberg, Sage Bionetworks

Mobile Phone Assisted Reminder and Incentive System (mParis): Combining mHealth reminders and conditional cash transfers to improve the timeliness of vaccinations in Tanzania
Jan Ostermann University of South Carolina

Fitabase: A Data Management Platform for using Consumer Wearables in Research
Ernesto Ramirez, Fitabase

Predicting mental health and measuring sleep using machine learning and wearable sensors/mobile phones
Akane Sano MIT

An Immersive Platform to Study Wireless Communication & Localization for Next Generation Capsule Endoscopy
Kamran Sayrafian NIST

Automatic Ingestion Monitor v2 (AIM-2): A Wearable Device for Monitoring and Modification of Ingestive Behavior and Diet
Edward Sazonov, University of Alabama

Mobile Health Technology for Improving Symptom Management in Low Income Persons Living with HIV
Rebecca Schnall, Columbia University | Poster

Bitesome - Nutrition Tracking for Public Health Research
Edmund Seto, Jenna Kim, Shuhao Lin, Giannina Ferrara, University of Washington

Behind the Wheels: An open platform to quantify on-the-road driving behavior and to promote behavior change of adolescent using smartphone, gamification, and big data
Emre Sezgin, Nationwide Children's Hospital | Poster

Use of mobile apps and wearables to better understand, measure and predict pain in patients with sickle cell disease
Nirmish Shah, Duke University

Augmented Personalized Health: using semantically integrated multimodal data for patient empowered health management strategies
Amit Sheth, Kno.e.sis Center at Wright State University

Enhancing Adherence to Prescribed Opioids Using a Mobile-Base Application: A Pilot Study of feasibility in Chronic Non-Cancer Pain
Daniel Sop, Virginia Commonwealth University

Village-based Lay mHealth Reporter Data Populate a Real-time Medical Cartography of Epidemic Disease (Nodding Syndrome)
Peter Spencer, Raquel Valdes Oregon Health & Science University | Poster

Mobile patient monitoring platform for effective control of hypertension
Sarah Sutton, Sentinel Healthcare

The Development of an mHealth Infrastructure for Child and Family Therapy
Adela Timmons University of Southern California | Poster

Use of M-Health to Improve Stroke Surveillance, Early Presentation and Prevention in Nigeria: The Stroke Information and Surveillance System (SISS) Study
Ezinne Uvere Department of Medicine, College of Medicine, University of Ibadan, Nigeria

Design of smart shoes for gait analysis, rehabilitation, and daily health monitoring
Wenlong Zhang Arizona State University

Superficial temporal artery tonometry: a novel techonology for wearable cuffless blood pressure monitoring
Quan Zhang Massachusetts General Hospital/ Harvard Medical School

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