Organizing Faculty

Vivek Shetty, D.D.S., Dr. Med. Dent.

Principal Investigator, NIH Training Institutes for mHealth Methodologies (1R25DA038167)
Director- Training Core, NIH Mobile Sensor Data-To-Knowledge (MD2K) Center

Dr. Shetty is a Professor of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery at the University of California, Los Angeles, where he also serves as an Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Research. A clinician-scientist by training, Dr. Shetty’s research interests are defined by the significant and disproportionate burden of traumatic injury and its sequelae in vulnerable populations and sited at the intersection of discovery science and patient care. Through synergistic, transdisciplinary collaborations with bioengineers, computer scientists, psychologists, and systems biologists, he develops technology-based strategies to facilitate timely recognition and personalized interventions for trauma-related psychopathology. His research program has been funded continuously by NIH since 1993 and recognized by several awards including the OMSF 2011 Research Recognition Award for Outstanding Contributions. Dr. Shetty has published over 145 research articles, books chapters and books and serves as an editorial consultant and scientific reviewer for numerous specialty journals and research organizations. A great admirer of the American university system, he has been deeply involved in academic governance, having served as Chair of the UCLA Academic Senate, as a member of the UC-wide academic senate, and now, as a member of UCLA’s Committee on Academic Personnel that is responsible for the review of all significant personnel actions. Dr. Shetty has been a core faculty of the NIH’s mHealth Training Institutes since its inception in 2011 and is now Principal Investigator of the UCLA mHealth Training Institutes funded by NIH/OBSSR (at NIH).

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