Core Faculty

Julia Hoffman, Psy.D.

National Director for Mobile Health in Mental Health Services, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs

Julia Hoffman is the National Director for Mobile Health in Mental Health Services at the US Department of Veterans Affairs. She is a licensed clinical psychologist (CA) trained at Stanford and Yale University School of Medicine. Dr. Hoffman has been involved for nearly a decade in creation of numerous technology-based interventions including the congressionally mandated and the multi-award winning PTSD Coach mobile app, which has been versioned by 9 countries. She currently directs teams of subject matter experts, software engineers, designers, project managers, and researchers to develop apps that support Veterans, families, healthcare providers, and disaster responders. She participates actively in refinement of policy for development and deployment of technologies in Federal systems. Dr. Hoffman has demonstrated not only incredible vision for the reexamination of behavioral healthcare delivery in the largest integrated healthcare system in the country, but she has a proven track record for execution of products with established benefits for patients and their healthcare providers. Her model of mobile development, based on integrating the needs of clinical subject matter experts with current agile software development methods, has been disseminated broadly and used as the basis for numerous mHealth products around the world. Her expertise has been sought by insurers, pharmaceutical companies, and technology companies aiming to build digital mental health tools or to integrate the principles of behavior change into medical products.

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