A: You will find detailed information about the institute on our comprehensive website. If you have any questions about the program that are not contained in our website, please email us your questions through our webpage. Please understand that we are not in a position to individually respond to phone inquiries.

A: There are no registration/tuition fees for the institute- participation is by invitation only. Selected scholars will be provided with lodging and boarding at UCLA's Luskin Conference Center and Hotel.

A: The mHTI submission website will go online around December 15, 2018 and all submissions must be completed online no later than 23:59 EST on January 27, 2017. To avoid technical problems, early submission is strongly encouraged. It is essential that you read the complete instructions carefully and prepare your submission prior to logging on. NOT FOLLOWING THE GUIDELINES MAY CAUSE YOUR SUBMISSION TO NOT BE REVIEWED.

A: To be considered eligible, applicants will need to have a doctoral level degree (PhD, ScD, MD, DDS, DVM, etc.) or have the degree conferred by start of the training (Aug. 8,  2016). Examples of doctoral level degrees include those obtained in the following disciplines: Behavioral and Social Sciences; Health Sciences Specialties (including Medical, Nursing, Dental, Optometry, or other like fields); Biological, Physical or Earth Sciences; Computational Sciences and Mathematics; Engineering. If you have a doctorate-level degree in a discipline that is not listed, you may still apply, but please indicate in your application how your field relates to mHealth.

A: All doctoral students should have obtained their degree before the start of training (July 29, 2018). Students not graduating this year are welcome to apply in future years!

A: Yes, you are welcome to apply! Please be sure to detail your interest in research even though you have a non-traditional setting.

A: Because the mHTI is funded by the NIH, its focus is on academic research advancement. Correspondingly, the training institute emphasizes the development of the next generation of academic mHealth researchers and translational scientists. Key outcome metrics of the mHTI are (a) the academic career narrative of mHTI graduates and (b) their success in obtaining extramural funding for their mHealth research. Absent these qualifiers, the enormous interest in the institute and sheer number of applicants for the 30 positions will quickly overwhelm the carefully calibrated, multi-reviewer process in place. Please note that NIH does have other brief trainings that are open regardless of the candidate’s degree.

A: Of course you can! We have a diverse group at the training and welcome your participation. We seek a balance of junior and senior mHealth researchers and welcome different backgrounds and perspectives. There are no age requirements for the mHealth Institute.

A: We prefer to provide the opportunity to those who have not had the benefit of such training.

A: No. We require individual applications.

A: We are sorry, but due to the volume of applicants, providing individual feedback on applications is not possible.


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