Webinar with Gillian Hayes

Technological systems are increasingly essential to healthcare, but these systems are often unusable and inefficient. Human-Computer Interaction, the study of how humans and technologies interact, provides a variety of theories and methods that can be usefully deployed in improving the design, development, and evaluation of health technologies. In this talk, Dr. Hayes will provide an overview of HCI and design with pointers to additional resources for those who desire more study.

Webinar with Steven Steinhubl

The promise of the All of Us (formally known as the Precision Medicine Initiative Cohort Program - PMI-CP) rests on the capacity to recruit, measure, and engage participants at unprecedented scale. It’s aim is to include people representing all ancestries, all common medical conditions, and to enroll an exponentially greater number of participants than in any previous large cohort studies represents a grand leap forward in our approach to understanding human health.

Introducing Discuss@MD2K

Introducing Discuss@MD2K

As part of our goal of fostering discusssion among mHealth researchers, the mHealthHUB and MD2K have created a page for those interested in discussing or asking questions about MD2K software and also mHealth topics in general. Discuss@MD2K presently has categories for questions relating to the MD2K software (mCerebrum, Cerebral Cortex). The site allows users to sign in using their Facebook, Google or Github logins.

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